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Has anyone heard about Nick Chavez currently?  He has no been on at the Q lately and his ambassador has covered some shows.  I have followed him since his first appearances on the Q and I hope that he has no setback.

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Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer, but have no information on his current status.

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Nick was on the Q not terribly long ago. I can't remember the time frame, but definitely already deep into his cancer treatment. I believe that Q visit was largely to communicate personally with his followers and fans about his situation. He's also been open about it through some social media. 


He looked a little thinner than usual, but as handsome as ever even after having to cut off his hair, which he admitted was hard for him to do.


I believe he said he was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 (unknown kind), Stage II, and he had been going though a great deal, but was at a point of feeling more positive about the outcomes. 


I hope he's doing well and just working on rebuilding his strength and health. I hope to see him back in full force again. He's actually a remarkable man if you read his bio. Very involved in several causes. 

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Sending good wishes to Nick to brighten his day.  We love you, and wish you well!

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Yes good wishes to you Nick
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My prayers are with you.