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New Orders Dissappearing!?!

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This has happened at least 3 times before to me.  I will put a brand new order in online (no customer service involvement) and I will go through the process.  At the end of it all after hitting "submit"  I have learned to take a screenshot of the order number, just in case of this happening.  The order disappears!  Literally and compleletly!  You can't find it anywhere in your orders.  You can't find it in a search of your orders with the new order number... And you are not alone.  Customer service cannot locate it either.  They tell you after you being on hold once or twice so that they can ask their's just gone!!!

   My theory...?  They don't want you to "cancel" the order so you can't if you can't find it!  And in no time at lol they have the old "Your order is being processed-you can't cancel this order."  I think that's it...  Yesterday, it happened again at approximately 3:00pm.  Customer service says to "Wait 24 hours or tomorrow morning.  It should show up by then.."  Yes it did, but is anyone else having this problem?  I think they want us to keep the order and not have the possibility of cancelling the item. 


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Re: New Orders Dissappearing!?!

Yes @SassiesMom 


It has happened to me on several occassions.


However, not agreeing w/ the conspiracy theory it is to keep you from cancelling.


The minute you hit submit you have a SLIM to NONE chance of cancelling the order even IF it does show up immediately!!!



Not all of my orders finally showed up either.


A few times, it took 24 hours or so...but I placed an order for the TSV KA a while back.

I HAD the confirmation order number.


It never showed up.  At all.....Even the IT dept couldn't find it.


CS finally just placed a new order and that one did show up.



Can't tell you what glitchy thing happened.....but it does happen sadly.

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Re: New Orders Dissappearing!?!

@SassiesMom If you've been checking in on the forum topics, you would see how many oddities are discussed re the QVC website. It's so glitchy.


One night last month, I ordered a Clinique item from the Q. Neither did the orrder appear nor I did receive an email confirmation. Thinking I missed a step, I ordered the item again. After another hour, 2 identical orders posted. 


I called QVC to cancel one of them and was told that they are shipped by another vendor and the 2nd order might not be able to cancel but they would put in a "cancel order" for it just in case. In the end, one was canceled. : )


So... I believe you may be ascribing more sophistication and devious manipulation than the Q is capable of, and rather the Q provides a glitchy website experience. 


For instance, for 2 weeks now I cannot sign in to the forum or leave product reviews using the Chrome browser on my Mac desktop computer. For that, I have to switch to Safari. As my dad would say, well, that's life in the berry patch. 

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Re: New Orders Dissappearing!?!


@SassiesMom  Are you capturing the order number in the screenshot?  Do you provide the order number to the customer service rep when you call?  Do you receive an order confirmation email?  If not, you may want to add that to your preferences.  Finally, do the items you order show up?


I order a lot and have not had this specific problem, except for short periods of time.  For example an order won't show up in "Order Status" until the next day.  A few times, the list of orders in Order Status  is not chronological, meaning more recent orders will be buried further down the list in "Order Status".


If the items you order do show up in your home, it is just an unexplained computer mystery.  If there is no order number after you complete the order process, it just means the order didn't go through.


Maybe you should just call in your orders for your peace of mind.  And write the order number down.

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Re: New Orders Dissappearing!?!

Sometimes the order and/or email confirmation doesn't show up immediately.  It may appear the following day.  It's just the computers, not a conspiracy.  I've had the same thing happen with other companies.


When I place an order I write down the order number immediately.  Then I hit the "View Receipt" button to see the entire order page.  That way I have an order number to give to customer service in case something goes wrong.  I've never not had an order show up when I had an order number.


As far as doing this to avoid cancellations, most orders can't be cancelled within minutes of ordering, whether they show up in your account or not.  Some can not be cancelled as soon as you place the order.

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Re: New Orders Dissappearing!?!

Yes this has happened to me. Orders don't show up, and I thought I did it wrong. Then after a few hours they both show up. Crazy. I also ordered a jacket this past weekend and it just disappeared.  It never showed up at all. I thought the heck with it. If they can't fix their system I can always find something at another site. It's crazy for a large corporation to not get  their website fixed.  It's full of glitches. They should hire the guy that set up the big A site ordering system.  Lol

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Re: New Orders Dissappearing!?!

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@SassiesMom I read on this forum several times that orders may not show up until the following day. Do NOT reorder as you will end up with twice what you want.


I have never had this happen, at least, I never noticed. I don't feel a need to "check" my order status once I place an order. To the best of my knowledge I have always received an email, and if not, I don't worry. 


When placing an order, I feel you should not be able to cancel. If I order it's after deep thought and research. When I hit "pay" I'm done. I never order thinking I may cancel. My advice to others, perhaps you shouldn't place the order. Many complaints have been written because you couldn't cancel. Just don't order unless you are 100% sure. Many other sites never allow cancellations. They even state "Once order has been placed no changes can be made".