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Re: New Crafting Show — Friday 10/16

It was one product - the Cricut Joy.  For the entire hour. 


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Re: New Crafting Show — Friday 10/16

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@cornicopia wrote:

I meant to tape this show, but forgot.  Anybody that actually seen the show, 

what did you think about it?  Were the items for sale something that

crafters would really enjoy?

@cornicopia  I may not be the best person to review the show.  Smiley Happy I'm not a crafter, but I enjoy crafting shows.  


To me, this show was .......boring and uninspired.  I have watched several HSN crafting shows and always enjoy them.  I always end the show knowing how to use the item if I want to actually start crafting and consider buying it.


This QVC show just seemed flat and nothing made me remotely consider the product.  Perhaps because the vendor was on Skype, and Jane, who honestly said she is not a crafter, could offer no personal experience with it, I felt they may as well be presenting a vacuum cleaner.  I think both Jane and the vendor did their best; I did not pay attention enough to hear how many were sold.