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It was so wonderful to see Nick last night with Shawn....I know he has been seriously sick but he looked so good and healthy.  I hope and pray he can continue his recovery  and spend more time on QVC telling us of his wonderful products.  You are the best Nick and so are your products that I have used for 20 years.  May God continue to bless you.

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I like Nick too, and I hope he's doing well. Unfortunately, I cannot use his products due to the scent that gives me a headache.

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@grooms  - I also saw him last night with Shawn and he did look wonderful!

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As usual, I woke up a couple of hours after falling asleep and turned on the TV. Was surprised and delighted to see Nick. It's been awhile, but still the so handsome, nice man that I remember. Hoping for a full recovery from the cancer that he's been battling. 

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I was glad to see him too.  I was wondering about him recently, just out of nowhere.  Sadly, his products just don't work for me.  I have tried.  But, I still like him.

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I just happened to catch 5 min of Nick on the re-run Q3 channel yesterday afternoon, to me, he looks even more handsome than before in spite of what he's been through.  Best wishes to you, NIck, you have such a beautiful smile!

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@catter70    Sounds like me most evenings. Lol