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@KingstonsMom wrote:

News reports say, "His hiring part of The Qurate Retail Group's initiative to elevate LBGTQ+ Communities and Creators with Pride Month initiatives".


This is from a news release from Qurate dated 6/1/2022:


Qurate Retail Group Elevates LGBTQ+ Communities and Creators With Pride Month Initiatives | News Dir...

Are you sure we read the same article you highlighted ?

I don't think it's legal for an employer to ask about their 

'preference'.  An employer can assume but ... it's none of their business.

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Who is Stacy?? Was she a former host?

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@Teddixat wrote:
Steve Doss. Just introduced by Jayne avd Pat on Gourmet Holliday today (in now). He’s so cute and looks like he’ll be a lot of fun!!! Yayyy

@Teddixat  Nothjing against the new hires but I don't like 2 hosts on these shows and in my opinion they do not need more hosts.  This tells me the 2 Hosts are going to be a thing now.  In the meantime QVC's prices are terrible and two Hosts will notget them more sales.  I see the end coming for QVC.

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Stacy worked as Susan Graver's substitute when she was not available about 4 or 5 years ago.  I remember her saying that her husband was from Germany, and she traveled there often.  Now she has a daughter and they have moved to the Philadelphia area.  She is lovely & beautiful.

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@mrspotts  Stacey herself announced it more than a month ago.  The other two made their own announcements several weeks ago.


All three of those hosts have already been in QVC videos on the streaming channels.  They've been presenting various products, and styling fashion and home decor. 

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I would be humiliated if I were hired because of my sexual preferences.

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@lgfan wrote:

I like Nancy Yoon's dress.  I am wondering if it can be purchased at QVC.

First thing I noticed

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She was tall and beautiful with an informative style when presenting the clothing. She exalted in her height and wore very high heels, at least 4 inches. Then, her hair was simililar in style to that worn by Rachel B.  She was sophisticated yet approachable.  I will be happy to see her back.

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@sktchy The article does not state his sexual preference.  Doss has posed with a picture with his partner/spouse and clearlu projects pride him who is.  He isn't hiding or cloaking his identity.  

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@Flika13  I would be angry if I were not hired because of my orientation, not humiliated. Too many people are not considered for positions because of their race, gender, religion, age, and so on.  QVC clearly recognizes demographic changes and wants to reach consumers other than middle-aged women and men.