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@BalletBabe  It could be a few existing ones are on their way out,  I know a few that either need to go back to broadcasting school or take grammar, speaking and general professional behavior lessons. But there are some older ones maybe looking to get out too, the hours have to stink unless you have some sort of JT deal when you work most of Tuesday into midnight.

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Gag me with a spoon..Does anyone ever get hired just for being the best erson for the job?

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It's going in the same direction as the Hallmark channel. 

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@Effie54 wrote:

It's going in the same direction as the Hallmark channel. 

What direction is that?

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@GAC65 wrote:

The way I see it, more host, and doubling up, means prices that are already to high will continue to be high and maybe higher. Not for me anymore, already cancelled a few items that I can get elsewhere and cleared my wish list. 

@GAC65  You are so right.  They don't need 2 hosts to a show. Then they add a vendor and all the yak yak the thing they're selling gets totally lost. A nd the prices have become completely out of sight.  Almost. all the t-shirts  are now above $40. Add tax and shipping and I refuse to pay $50 for a summer t-shirt I can get for at least half.  I see alot of cute things but not cute enough for the prices.

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@mariadomenica wrote:

Gag me with a spoon..Does anyone ever get hired just for being the best erson for the job?


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I remember when Stacey Rusch was hired by Susan Graver to be her vendor representative on air in Europe.   She worked with her in the US to train her and she was doing well until.....  She became pregnant in a couple of months and no longer wanted to go to Europe.   She really burned poor Susan Graver by spending all that time training her for nothing and high and dry for a European vendor rep.  Really left with bad feelings.   


I hope she has matured since then and has her priorities in line with the job.   

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@BalletBabe wrote:

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Steve Doss. Just introduced by Jayne avd Pat on Gourmet Holliday today (in now). He’s so cute and looks like he’ll be a lot of fun!!! Yayyy

@Teddixat  Nothjing against the new hires but I don't like 2 hosts on these shows and in my opinion they do not need more hosts.  This tells me the 2 Hosts are going to be a thing now.  In the meantime QVC's prices are terrible and two Hosts will notget them more sales.  I see the end coming for QVC.

Maybe we will finally be seeing less of a few of the hosts who seem to be purpetually on air.  OR, maybe some will be leaving.......especially now that quotas are reached. 

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@BirkiLady wrote:

@Flika13 wrote:

I would be humiliated if I were hired because of my sexual preferences.



HIPPA Laws prevent QVC from asking such questions . . . and from posting such information about employees. 

HIPPA laws are for medical information.  And with mandates, HIPPA privacy has all but disappeared.


Now there are unspoken quotas and protections.  I remember when the sexual orientation was as private as their family composition.   You never knew who the spouse was or the children, if any.   Now the hosts and vendors use personal information for sales and job security.   Ironically, with more diversity present, the job security dwindles.  I hope so.    


Frankly, their personal lives don't influence my buying from them.   Their professionalism, skills, and vocabulary do.   In fact, I respect the hosts who keep their personal lives private a lot more.   

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I don't watch enough to keep up even with the last batch of "new" hosts.