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Steve Doss. Just introduced by Jayne avd Pat on Gourmet Holliday today (in now). He’s so cute and looks like he’ll be a lot of fun!!! Yayyy
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He seems interesting and a great smile!  

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News reports say, "His hiring part of The Qurate Retail Group's initiative to elevate LBGTQ+ Communities and Creators with Pride Month initiatives".


This is from a news release from Qurate dated 6/1/2022:


Qurate Retail Group Elevates LGBTQ+ Communities and Creators With Pride Month Initiatives | News Dir...

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@Teddixat   Yes.


There are 3 new hosts starting this week:


Steve Doss

May be an image of 1 person and beard


Stacey Rusch

May be an image of 1 person



Nancy Yoon

May be an image of 1 person

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So happy that Stacy is back, this time as a host and not a vendor.

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I like Nancy Yoon's dress.  I am wondering if it can be purchased at QVC.

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I never get to see any of the newer hosts, dont watch 2 or 3. I am about a year behind in my new hosts. 

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@lgfan   Great minds think alike!  I was just getting ready to post the same thing about Nancy's dress, then I read your!  I really like it too.

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Great! Need some new faces!!!

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Where did you see Stacey is back as a host?