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I have had comfort in having QVC on through many years and in many USA States. It was pleasing and comforting and interesting what was ahead.
QVC now is stressful to watch.
I will find a new background channel.
It is what it is.

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@peggyhbsl   QVC is a shopping channel so they are wanting people to buy what they are selling; if that isn't working for you anymore definitely find another channel which meets your needs better.

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Re: My reliable air time

[ Edited ]
ms smithmr president you have another letter
mr presfrom?
ms smithfrom a viewer who wants you to know she is not happy with the fun stuff 
mr presoh,  does this one state what she wants to see
ms smithyes she just wants the singing and dancing to stop.  The shouting is too loud.
 She wants the host to just state the facts about the product in a low pleasant voice.   
mr presok
ms smithshe wants the calm and slow so she can relax and sleep
mr pressleep?   We are a shopping channel!
ms smithshall I remind her?
mr presno, respond to her in the normal manner…....apologize and thank her and tell her we will try to do better
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I never thought they were in the business of lulling us to sleep.  

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I didn't read that@peggyhbsl was trying to sleep. Just background white noise. And now it is too frenetic for her. Which truth be told, it is with some hosts.

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@peggyhbsl - I don't think watching or shopping Q is stressful. 

If that's how it's impacting you, you should definitely do/watch something else. 

I'm starting my Holiday shopping and appreciate the QVC and HSN  Extended Holiday Return perk.


Happy 😊

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Best to do what pleases you regarding TV watching, wishing you happiness with your choices.

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I remember having Q on as background noise too. The so-called entertainment that the CEO brags about in quarterly reports is often childish and over the top. I rarely watch anymore. I check online.


Yes, they are a shopping network and the goal is to sell. But it's changed a lot. 

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I'm just the opposite of everyone.........I do not turn on TV unless I really want to watch a program.  I've gotten to the point where  I like the quiet...even in the car. 

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Although I never thought much about it, I'd have to say the OP is right.  The Q has become stressful to watch.  Unless it is AM Style or something I specifically have made it a point to watch, I no longer have the Q on.