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Re: Must give QVC hosts kudos!

It is their job to sell WHATEVER.  I wonder if they are given a commission of sorts if they sell beyond a certain point.  No way to know I guess.  


A number of years back there was something called a QVC local and one of the hosts came to our area.  Forgot his name, I just know he was featured on other TV programs before he came to QVC and after he left.  A person in the audience asked him the question:


What if you are selling something you really don't care for.  How do you handle it.  And his answer was.... "someone likes it, someone wants it and it is my job to offer it to them in the best way I know how."  There is something for everyone and he felt he needed to  present it in detail with enthusiam.  

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Re: Must give QVC hosts kudos!

The Q hosts cannot be compared to the folks in brick and mortar stores who are on their feet 8 hours or more a day and dealing with customers, many who are impossible to please.  The Q hosts are treated like celebs and their pay is, no doubt, significantly more than sales people out in retail.   I've worked retail, in a very nice department store, so I know what that job entails.  No one ever greeted me with a kiss!  LOL! 

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Re: Must give QVC hosts kudos!

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They are performers.  It's part of the job.


And to compare them to a real retail worker dealing with customers directly on the floor and at the register is absurd.

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Re: Must give QVC hosts kudos!

They are WELL PAID to do their JOB, as several have stated.  People in retail all over the world have been doing this for centuries.  The hosts are no better, no worse, than the average retail worker trying to eek out a living. Please, don't put QVC hosts on a pedestal.

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Re: Must give QVC hosts kudos!

@KingstonsMom wrote:



I agree! Especially when you have to present the same item 1,000 times!






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