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I generally do not watch QVC, but I happened to turn it on during a Jason WU show ( who I love)  and a host, Monifa was on. I have never seen her before, but wow, such a breath of fresh air!  Love her and hope those in charge do not change her into a shouting car salesman.

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I have also enjoyed her shows!

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She is sweet and does a very nice job. 

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I've seen her present cookware with Jason (love him), they worked well together.  Monifa and Vanessa have both been a great addition to Q's host line up.

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She does a great professional job

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ITA with all of you. I hope we see her more often!  Smiley Happy

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Add me to the list.  I also enjoy Monifa.  Lovely on the inside and out.

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I watched a presentation with Monifa for the first time last night and I was beginning to think it was the Monifa Show.  She talked entirely too much , all about her, interrupted the host, again, to say something about HER.  She's as bad as Susan Graver talking over the host.  It should not be a competition.  When you have a vendor as good as Chris Pryme, don't keep interrupting.

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@blastup ..... Gee, I thought she used to be great and I haven't watched in so long.  I'll have to catch her presenting sometime.  It would be a shame if the Q got her to change her natural style. Cat Frustrated

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Not a fan.