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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

I didn't see her with VPH, but I enjoyed her with other vendors.

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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

Can't  stand to watch or listen  to her.  She is ill prepared  to host a show.  It appears that she seldom has made an effort to preview the items she presents.  She stumbles and bumbles and acts like she has never seen the items before.  She does not laugh; she cackles.  

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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

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SMH.....There was no chemistry with Monifa and Valerie Parr Hill. They were not a good match at all!!!..Monifa  interrupted Valerie constantly. ...And even while Valerie was talking I felt like I was watching the old Batman Show from the 60's but instead of POW, BAM, was "OH", "YEH", "AH"  "UHHHH!!!" (another way of  interrupting)...Valerie does not need sound effects...


Potential buyers want to hear Valerie describe the product, she's the vendor and we want to hear Valerie's great decorating ideas for her products too!  ......(and yes I know a favorite "odd couple" pairing is Valerie & Rick. Yes, Rick can be loud, but there's something about Valerie and Rick that works!---Valerie seems to calm Rick down and bring out his best and give way to his wit and sense of humor, and Valerie seems to open up more too---Rick's the EXCEPTION to mismatched personalities)......


Please Please Please Valerie is best paired with Rick or Jayne Brown (I now she was traveling back from her live show in Maine with the Lobster company so she wasnt available in this show, but just a note for the future) Other hosts that mesh very well with Valerie are Mary Beth and Vanessa Herring and Dan Hughes is also very good with Valerie too. And there's Pat, or Alberti.....Even the new host, Nancy Yoon did a good job on Q2 with Harvest Decor....her personality would mesh well with Valerie's....


Valerie's HEART TO HOME shows dont come on very often and they are my favorite QVC Show along with AM STYLE and Leah! I was interested in checking out the products and ready to buy but Monifa made it painful to watch (and I didnt want to mute because I wanted to hear what Valerie was saying....)  It just put me in a NON-BUYING MOOD!


Monifa would be better showcased as a solo host, or she needs to be paired with a vendor with a strong personality.....Valerie and Monifa not a good fit, just like Jane Tracey and Valerie.....


And I did send feedback to QVC

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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

I've noticed that they have been pairing Monifa with Jennifer on Friday afternoons.


I found it very unnecessary and occasionally awkward.


It seems that they are trying to find some niche for her.  

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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

I don't get to see her often but I was watching her last night, she did a great job

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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

My list of vendors not to watch has become LONG, so I have stopped watching and now shop on line. I only do that if I am looking for something new from the few vendors which I still have faith in their quality/pricing. Trust  me, that is a very short list.  

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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

I see that this thread is resurfacing after three months since Monifa recently hosted a holiday VPH show. Sadly, I do not feel she has made any improvements since I last commented about her performance here, and in fact, I might actually add the update that she seemed to do worse with a live guest than a remote one. The show was very awkward overall—fortunately, Valerie is always graceful and engaging and kept me watching, despite the constant interruptions and literal repetitions of what she had just said. (That latter part was frequent and odd.)

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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

I think she has greatly improved just in the last month or so. She is very pleasant and I thought she did a nice job with Valerie. I did notice that she interrupted a couple times but it seems all the hosts do that to varying degrees.

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Re: Monifa Days my new fav :)

Oh my goodness...... yes! Monifa has a great voice but her CONSTANT interruptions were beyond rude.  I was surprised to read that she's been on air talent for a year!