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@MoJoV wrote:

Just want to's not Katia's fault that Graver rudely fawns over her all the time while there are others modeling. That's on Graver.

@MoJoV Your right ,  it is.

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Does anyone else see her resemblance to Diana Ross (and the Supremes)?


When I first saw her, it hit me immediately!



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@bhvbum   You're right, it clear as we see that everybody loves her who works directly with her or vice versa. Katia is a family woman too, I believe she is married and has a little daughter. She has fun modeling, it's obvisou she loves what she does. For me, the woman I'd like to have as a great friend.

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She's most certainly the only model on QVC that was and is a runway model.  Nobody walks as well she does.  Or move, for that matter. She has an ideal body shape for clothes.  A hanger.  Looks good (and very dressed up in the old fashion sense) in everything they put on her.  


She's not on a lot, because of the outside QVC commitment, but she's amazing.  Big fan of hers.

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That's not true. Ade Jaiye has significant runway experience, including New York Fashion Week.