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I saw her do that the other day and made me laugh.  I thought caught ya.  Don't have to smile all the time but this was a big frown.  I can't say she does all the time because I only watch so much but I did catch that one.

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Jackie (QVC model) has such a lovely smile and countenance and always seems to truly enjoy her job. A genuine smile is always preferable over a forced one. I enjoy Vanessa's show with Jackie and Blair, because of their level of sincerity. I can't comment on the model mentioned, because I did not see that particular show. 

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I've noticed a lot of the models do this.  Maybe not so much frowning but just standing around with a blank face until the camera comes around.  What I find odd is when they are standing with another model and do this.  I would at least be chatting a bit, LOL!

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Model Jamie always has a toothy grin.

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I love Colleen and some of the other ones that used to be on. There was a cute blonde (not Jackie) who used to be on the Kirk's Folly and other shows who was always smiling too. I miss seeing those models.

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Igfan said: "Who is she supposed to be smiling at when she is off camera.  She would look kind of foolish if she were smiling all the time."



She should be paying attention to the camera so she's not, "caught off guard."

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@EastCoastGal;@StylishLady2 : I saw Colleen earlier this month at the QVC outlet store. All made up at 10 a.m!  Perhaps she was modeling for the nail polish as she sometimes does? She is lovely and very tall!

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This thread feels mean-spirited to me. Why does she have to smile constantly? Why do we scrutinize and police women's expressions? I used to work for a boomer woman CEO, and she was constantly telling her female staff that they looked miserable if they weren't grinning manically. The men received no such feedback.

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What a cheesy thread.

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 Maybe she  is frowing because she wears  glasses and omits them during on air time. Would imagine they look at a monitor to see as to when the camera is on them .

Maybe she doesn't like the way they are dressing her or the way she looks but needs a job , so not always is she exuding  that  big smile.