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Briefly saw Marybeth R. Wearing a pair of fringed hem jeans this morning. Anyone else notive and can provide the style " ? I bought a pair of flexibelle fringed hem  ankle  jeans a couple years ago but they are too big for me now. Love the lookv of them and so wish she would bring these back! Anyway if you know anything about MBs jeans this morning, please let me know!

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They might have been Bell by Kim Gravel.

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They were from Hunter McGrady's line, All Worthy.  Item A378411 but they don't appear to have a fringed hem.

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Shiloh09, The jeans worn by MaryBeth on Monday were A378421-All Worthy by Hunter McGrady. Marybeth looked stylish and, dare I say, "hip" in the outfit.  The jeans are available in two colors and three lengths.

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Re: MaryBeth's jeans today.

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the reviews are terrible.  Apparently they run 2 sizes small and are very high waisted.  I notice Mary Beth never said what size she was wearing.  The reviews say they run at least two sizes small.  The reviews are consistent in that regard

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The best I have seen mary Beth look in a long long time.  She was dressed modern and not old lady and she did not wear blue.  She needs to start dressing like this more often, n my opinion.

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@grooms  oh I disagree I think Mary Beth always looks nice regardless of what she is wearing.