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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

Thank You! I adore Mary too. <3

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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

I have only seen her once or twice, but she seems to be very good.  Relaxing and pleasant to listen to.

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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

I do like Mary - but I've noticed when she was hosting "In the Kitchen with David" last week, she seems to be having the same mannerisms as David.   It was like I was watching David. 


Very strange. 

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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

Me24, David was probable Mary's Mentor while she learned the ropes. 

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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

i have enjoyed watching Mary and I think she has great potential.  She's funny, kind and knowledgeable.  Wish her continued success.  Ohio Girl

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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......



I can take her or leave her.  I don’t much like cooking shows and honestly she doesn’t do fashion shoes well in my opinion.   I am sure Kristine  Zell is sweet but  she is a bit ditsy an slow off the base.   I do agree that Katy McGee does a great job.   My least favorites are Kerstin and jeffinfer Coffey.  They are unwatchable

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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

I agree that Mary De Angelis is pleasant to watch. Among the new hosts, I also like Katie McGee. And I have found Courtney Khondabi to be quite good.

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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

She's not my cup of tea, I liked her much better in the role she filled on ITKWD but then again I am in the MINORITY in that I don't like Chip and Joanna Gaines. LOL


Come to think of it, I don't like many people! LMAO!!

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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

I totally agree! She is mature, knowledgeable, well-spoken, polite, has a great sense of humor, doesn’t interrupt, and is not full of herself! She is someone I trust to tell the truth! I love it when she is on!
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Re: Mary DeAngelis.......

It is so funny how different people engage with one host and not another.


MD is not my favorite; she is not my least favorite either though. I think she sometimes tries too hard and it comes off as strained. Not all the time; it depends on what she is presenting.


I had to change the channel this morning when she was on with Harry Slatkin; she was just silly in her adoration of his candles. It was too much.


The rest of the time I find her believable and real, as long as she doesn't work it too hard.