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Nice to see Mary Beth on tonight.  Smiley Happy  Usually when I check Q out at night its kind of crazy lol.

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I've always enjoyed Mary Beth. I've only seen her around noon recently and for Rick's anniversary.
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My Guess.............Bringing in older seasoned host to stabilize late day programs - from loud silly presentations to calmer times.  Perhaps MB is taking one for the team (QVC)

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I wonder when she'll leave to "spend more time with her faimly"  ????????

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If Mary Beth worked until she was 75 and finally said "I'm retiring!" people would still say "She's lying, she was fired!"

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I can't remember the last time I saw her on so late at night. It was also nice to see L'Occitane products back, but I thought the 11:00 hour was kind of late.

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Think they might force the older ones out? Put the squeeze?
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I think that QVC is offering severance/separation agreements to hosts because there are suddenly too many of them.  That is why some have left.  Just my opinion.

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@mac116 I completely agree! I stated on another thread people/employees are expendable.
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I don't think Mary Beth will be leaving anytime soon. She seems to really love her job.