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I think it's a few years old but now I can't remember the brand.  I feel like I looked for this when she first wore it.

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Re: Mary Beth’s sweater

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I found a black with white star printed hacci sweatshirt by Anybody on eBay that looks a lot like Mary Beth’s top. A302193 but it is sold out (when you go to that item number there  is no picture of the star printed option only the heart printed option and I couldn’t get the recorded live presentation to work).   Many people commented that they bought the star option but always referred to it as navy or black with white stars.  And some commented it was more of a sweater material than a sweatshirt.  So I’m not sure if this was it since I’m not sure if it came in the color Mary Beth had on. 



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That sure looks like it but of course in black and hers looks like navy. So I guess it’s just an older model. Maybe the powers that be would consider bringing it back!
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Re: Mary Beth’s sweater

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Thanks.  Found both blue and black on Poshmark.  I ordered the blue in Medium.  $19.34 total.  $14 + 3.99 s&h + tax.  Seller had a few sizes so hoping it might be "new."  If awful not out too much.


Update:  Rec'd today - 9/9 - fast shipping.  It's definitely MaryBeth's sweater.  New, medium fits perfectly.  Delighted.  

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That is a cute top. I think I like it even better in black.

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Love to see hosts dressed in Americana garb on Labor Day weekend.  This Holiday honors all the workforce who has made our economy the best in the world !  Very proud to be an American and so is Mary Beth.