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Martha Stewart

I just want to let QVC know how much I love watching Martha Stewart. She is so informative, intelligent, charming and beautiful. Her products are useful, enjoyable and lovely. I love all the information and helpful ideas she tosses into each show. Watching the garden show with host Alberti and they are both so funny. Love it!!!!
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Re: Martha Stewart

I am grateful you posted this!

I too really enjoy Martha.

I find her funny as well and very knowledgeable.

When I first saw the threat I was worried but I'm grateful to hear there are others who like me really do like her presentation!


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Re: Martha Stewart

I also thoroughly enjoy Martha on QVC.  She's  a huge asset to TV shopping.  I don't  understand the people who think she's  snobbish; she's a bit aloof until she gets to know her  audience, then she's friendly, funny and very down-to-earth.

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Re: Martha Stewart

I am thoroughly enjoying the 2 hour outdoor show with Martha and Alberti.  They work very well together, very relaxed presentations. 

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Re: Martha Stewart

Martha and Alberti are great today!  

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Re: Martha Stewart

I too find her extremly informative and charming.  The kind of person I would love to be friends with.  She's so free with her knowledge, which I find very helpful.  I've ordered several of her products and every one has been of superior quality and I've been very  pleased with them all.  She doesn't strick me as being a snob at all.  Did you just see her having a bag race with Alberti?  So funny! 

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Re: Martha Stewart

Darn...I missed the bag race with Alberti...I only watched a few minutes of Martha and Alberti's show today as I had to leave for an appointment but I have watched them together before and love them!


I also enjoy Martha on the Q...the longer she's been on, she seems more at ease and down to earth.  She goes that extra mile in everything she does.  I was just thinking the other day that I've got to get out some jeans I got from her line last year with the white flowers appliqued down the legs...they are my favorites and I receive so many compliments when I wear them!  

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Re: Martha Stewart

I like her shows too, they dont get off track or yelling like some others


I was amused by Alberti try to use the screwdriver tho, he looked as though he had never used one ever 

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Re: Martha Stewart

People often mistake her expertise as being snobby.  I love her.  She LOVES to teach, share and most importantly, she loves to LEARN.


I love how she has her own "blue cards" when she is on.



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Re: Martha Stewart

I like most of her offerings and think she's very knowledgeable, but I have to admit I rarely watch her shows. I was watching one of her fashion shows and I didn't care for the way she fawned over Kirsten the host and Amanda the model. I think she's reliving her modeling days through these tall blond women. I know it's no big deal, but it irks me and shows me how shallow she is. Of course her behavior doesn't stop me from buying her products, I just don't watch her fashion shows.