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I enjoyed Martha's decor show yesterday with Alberti.  She doesn't seem to bring fashions anymore.  I do hope she expands her home line with QVC because the items are high quality and are unique,   I wish she'd bring more seasonal and holiday decor products.

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@Cubs16  Martha is out.  She no longer is offering any new products whether it is clothes or garden, etc.  The Q is just trying to get rid of the inventory.  I think it is sad as Martha offered very nice products that were excellent quality.

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She had an hour long show yesterday with new products.

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She has one of those subscriptions where you pick and she sends you every thing you need in dry ice to fix a meal.


The first time is free to try it.  My daughter thinks they’re the best.  She’s tried various other plans and says her’s are the best.


She had them delivered when she stayed here with me.  I never ate any, but they smelled good.



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I think Martha has too much going on and simply doesn't have the time to devote to marketing her QVC products.  Too many irons in the fire.

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She is still bringing things to QVC, because I have purchased them. I love her fashions because they are well made and last. I keep waiting for one of her dolman tops to come down in price, since I purchased two of them at full price. But it seems now that they are selling the apparel for cooler weather, QVC won't be reducing that top. 


The decor show this week was a temptation for me, but didn't end up purchasing anything. I see on the holiday gourmet show yesterday she had some wine. I may go back and get some for a friend, if she didn't sell out. Seems like each variety was said to be down to the last 100 on yesterday's show.

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@Katcat1  I don't this Martha is out. She had a new selection of wines on ITKWD last night, and she is offering some new decor items.

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She was on last night with David talking about her new book, Cake Perfection, which you can purchase on QVCSmiley Happy

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If you are going  to say Martha is out, then give your source. She has lots of rugs, home decor, and wine for sale at the Q.

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@PA Mom-mom   Her clothes line which I really like has no new items for over 2 months or so.  Maybe she is keeping the other products.

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