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Q will have to have a new name - Martha Stewart's QVC - she is on too often with every different product under the sun. Stop the insanity!

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As long as she sells, she will continue to be on.


She doesn't bother me.  She keeps the hosts on their toes.

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rhodygal, I personally think she does a great job. She is extremely knowledgeable and has worked for her success. INSANITY, may I politely disagree. Please do not feel offended. I think Josie being presented CONSTANTLY insane.This body butter is overdone in my op. Next Josie will have a clothes and jewelry line. I mean no sarcaism towards rhodygal She is entitled to her op .Please accept my sincere apology if I have offended you. 

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I don't think Martha is on all that much. Much less then some others. As another poster has stated, she is very knowledgable, gives the information that you need and I might a CALM and non-obnoxious way unlike the majority of qvc's hosts and some of their vendors. She has fun with the your "Happy Dance" Martha. The Jazz hands are funny! She is just a pleasure to watch. More power to her!

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I watched some of Martha yesterday various times during the day, and every time I thought that she looked so disinterested! 

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When it's a vendor from whom I do buy or I might buy from, they can't be on too often.


When it's a vendor others like but from whom I don't ever expect to buy, I just don't tune in.  And that's good -  after all even 10 minutes of watching someone sell collector's coins would be torture for me, but I have to assume it works well for many.  Why should the business not go on?

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I watched some of Martha yesterday various times during the day, and every time I thought that she looked so disinterested! 

I know what you mean, but if you've watched Martha over the years as I have, you will see that she is very dedicated to what she is doing and is "into her own world" sometimes.  It's not a case of being disinterested, just dedicated.  I really like her.

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I love Martha.  I could watch her all day over Dyson, My Pillow, Lock & Lock, Kitchen Aid, Corky's Susan Graver, Mattresses, Temptations, blah, blah, blah.  I recently bought her small power washer and I LOVE IT!  I always tune in when Martha is on, even if I don't buy anything.  I think she is fascinating.

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Give me Martha Steward any day over some of the juvenile behaviors seen on QVC far to often (one of which has already been named, but I can think of several others). Martha is calm, well spoken, has excellent manners and is always knowledgeable before speaking. She's interesting! Imagine that? She shares her extensive interests with viewers and her presentations become a teachable experience, which I find refreshing and unique on QVC. And, Martha Stewart offers top quality items at a reasonable price! The more I watch MS, the more I enjoy her subtle humor and her product lines. She's a very funny woman with a fabulous line of clothing and gardening items. Her kitchen and food items have been remarkable for decades!  

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I don’t care who she is, I’ve only liked one of her products, a shirt. All the food I tried is awful. What a bunch of hype! I don’t mind paying the bucks if it’s worth it.