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I know someone who met her and asked her point-blank if she lost that weight from NutriSystem.  She said she had a tummy tuck.  I'm just gonna leave that out here.

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I think she looks really bad, outdated and so much makeup,  And way to much "help" in the face area.

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She was on Dancing With the Stars when she lost the weight!

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I have no idea why they have David host with her. He’s all about eating so it seems laughable he goes on about taking care of your body since he doesn’t take care of his own health. 


I wish he would take it seriously. 

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@JasoninBoston  - I think Marie looks fabulous also. 


Nothing wrong with extensions and makeup.  She looks great wearing it,

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@ellaphant wrote:

To each his own. She is very pretty, but way too much heavy face, lip and eye make up, along with obvious extensions. Over done and dated.




Like every other person on TV


Marie is ageless

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I saw her for a minute yesterday and thought her makeup looke a little vampire-ish.



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She's a pretty lady but, I'm sorry to say that IMHO her hair extensions look ridiculous.  JMHO.

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Yes, Marie puts on a good appearance.  She can afford to.  The heavy makeup, hair extensions, nails, etc......stage look.  Yes, she has lost weight and kept it off.  However, most people can't afford Nutrisystem food for life. If you have a family you still need to cook for them.  Her supply is probably comped.  Good for her;  but, those of us in the real world just can't afford the product of the long term health risks.

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Money can do a lot.