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@ellaphant wrote:

Another 'screamer'....never could watch her. Added to the list of unwatchables- Jane T.. KIm G..Too loud and Jane never stops talking.  




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Mally Beauty listed $10 million in sales in 2005 and an estimated $75 million in 2011. Sold internationally on QVC, MallyBeauty dot com, amazon dot com  Beauty dot com, Henri Bendel, and Fred Segal, Mally Beauty’s primary sales are in the U.S., U.K. and Italy.

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Thanks for the far as personal opinions, we all have them, I actually like her but was most interested in that status of her company and whether she would still be selling on the Q.

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@qbetzforreal, thank you!!!

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I am having a hard time hearing about all the BFF's.  What up with that!

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I really love Mally. She's such a fun lady and I love her sense of humor. She's got great products that are reasonably priced, and the kits are even better priced.


I have enough Mally to last me for at least five lifetimes, especially now since I'm no longer wearing makeup unless we're having our weekly family Zoom session or I'm sitting outside on the driveway for a while. My granddaughter sometimes stops by and we socially distance ourselves, and I like to put on some eye makeup to try to brighten up my face when I am wearing my mask. I have to make eyebrows and Mally has the best eyebrow pencil since Smashbox went out of business. I'd pay any price to find the old Smashbox brown eyebrow pencils. They were the very best anywhere.


I think I'm done buying makeup forever. Since the pandemic, I've realized how much more of everything I have than I need. So what did I just do? I bought a Dooney bag! Duh on me. 

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I, too, like Mally, her passion and her products and probably have enough for three lifetimes.  I especially like her eyeliner pencils. They last on my oily lids and don't bother my contact lenses.   
I agree, her kits are fantastic.  

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I like her under eye brightener also and have used it as an eye lid and eye shadow base for years. Lately I have purchased it on Amazon...I noticed Q still sells it as a set of 3 at a better price but is usually sold out. As for Mally herself, like all of the hosts and most guests, she has her personality idiosyncrasies (and as WE all do) but I find her presentations on product use informative. In these difficult times, I enjoy someone/anyone who is positive!