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Jayne Brown doesn't get enough notice. She looks so lovely today.

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I totally agree. She is a delight to watch. Very natural. She could hold seminars for some who shall go un-named.

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You can count on Jayne being consistently professional and prepared for her shows.  She has a great sense of humor too.  She's easy to watch with no nonsense.  Best of hosts. 

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I totally agree. Jayne Brown is an excellent presenter without fanfare and yelling an showing off.  She uses a modulated voice and with a smile presents the products.  I will always watch her.

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Agree! And I'll add Pat Dimentri to that!
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Oops, sorry I spelled Pat's last name wrong.
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Jane is very professional, gives great presentations and she is beautiful. You Go Girl !!

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I am with everyone else.  I think Jayne is great.


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@bobby5  I agree on both counts.  And let me add Leah to the group. 

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I totally agree! She is one of my favorites to watch.



 I started watching Jayne and Pat every Friday morning while I was getting ready. They are the main reason I "stayed" with QVC.




Each is great on her own, but IMO they are great together!  Smiley Happy