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Ladies.....yesterday I stopped by Penny's  - OMG are they having a fantnastic sale for Mother's Day.  Was looking online this morning for some nice tee-shirts - FORGET IT.  Yesterday I bought 2 Liz Claiborne tee shirts for $40, with NO shipping and handling, and they have style to them where those on QVC, for the most part, are simply BLA.  When is QVC going to wise up - why do they force us to buy 2 shirts, with some items, when we only want 1?  QVC does nothing anymore for customers except shooting them in the foot and pocketing the money for theirselves.  Ladies, if you have  time,  check out Penny's this weekend - as  I said I bought 2 shirts and 2 capri pants for $80 -  and no shipping! 

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I love Penneys. I always find something there and they have a much wider appeal of clothing than the Q. 

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You know, I must say I do enjoy driving to a B&M and shopping in person, spending time looking, trying on sizes for the best fit, seeing the styles, colors. Yeah, shopping online is convenient but there are too many downfalls with it. And it costs more money! 


And then sometimes even MORE money!!!!

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I stopped in Penney's today, initially looking for some  pjs or nightgown.  OMG.  A lot of sales, plus I had some great coupons.  Was surprised at what I walked away with.  I am more of an online shopper, but am so glad that I stopped in today.