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I've noticed of late that there is really not much special about the lunchtime specials.  Most items are repeated over and over again.  One would assume that if they were not selling at the listed prices, there might be a price drop, but we all know what assume means.  Personally I have found it a waste of time to search these so-called specials!!

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Re: Lunchtime "Specials"??!!

I haven't checked them out for ages. It always seemed like it was bottom of the barrel.

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Re: Lunchtime "Specials"??!!

I do notice they repeat but I was just shocked when I saw G Zakarian 11" cast iron roaster marked down to $5.69 I believe.  Heck even with the $7.50 S&H it's worth me trying.  I had been eyeing it for awhile.  

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Re: Lunchtime "Specials"??!!

I agree "lunchtime specials" are no longer specials....I use to get a lot of deals but anymore, QVC offers NO deals on anything - example $50 plus shipping & handling for a D&C are so high there is nnothing goodto buy from QVC anymore.....give anything for the old days..................


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Re: Lunchtime "Specials"??!!

@kitty60  glad I saw your post the wife was looking for a new roasting pan. Thanks

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Re: Lunchtime "Specials"??!!

I always check them, never know what might be added day to day. The set of 3 melamine sweater motif platters are really nice, I used 1 set for 3 gifts last year & bought more to tuck away for 🎁 this Christmas.