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This new set is terribly ugly--especially those two monolith-like stark white oven things sticking up out of nowhere.


As we used to say in the old days "It's a hot mess!"


There is no cohesion or seemingly planned theme.  It looks like a warehouse full of cast-offs.

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Lowes or Home Depot had a "scratch and dent" sale on Kitchen stuff in West Chester....


A great salesman at one of those stores ( with salesmanship techniques as good or better than David's!!!!) talked QVC into buying...!!!


"One time Only Lunchtime Special on 6 Easy Pays!!!" they brayed

happily....and at the last minute, even tho the set was just decorated in the last six months, QVC jumped on the deal!!!



After all, it was gonna sell out!!!


Much like us!! Who buy mulitiples of stuff we already have and don't need!!!!

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People are complaining left and right on David's FB about how much they do not like the new set! 

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I don't watch kitchen shows but happened across one recently while checking out the channels and thought the set appeared like I remember a playhouse kitchen looking. 

In my pantry with my cupcakes...
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Re: Love the new ITKWD set

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I am not even into house decorating and such , but even i can tell it  is awful , who ever approved this must have not seen it , how it looks on camera , bad , bad . bad. QVC always have had the best looking sets , i guess their budget has been cut to $100 or less.

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NO..NO..NO - another example of poor set design.  Too much 'furniture' for a kitchen set.  Looks like someone's storage locker!  (with a huge fireplace, besides!)

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This is slightly better than the earlier recent kitchen remodel. That one was a complete nightmare. 


This is better but I just don't get how they did such a great job on so many other 'rooms' and can't get a good kitchen going.

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The new set looks like someone dropped a kitchen in the middle of Kliff Kingsbury's family room. Who puts appliances in front of a floor to ceiling window? No one has a window that large in the kitchen..
They should have made it a brick wall with a normal window over the sink. And the problem with all the sets...showing a bright, sunny day outside. At night. When we know it's cold out. It's distracting and fake. The set is way too ridiculously big...especially in comparison to the vendors' home kitchens. I loved the previous kitchen, even with the yellow chairs.
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I suppose you could cook your 7 dollar a piece Special Hot Dogs in the fireplace?


(Can't recall who sells them, but they're HOT DOGS for heaven's sake!!!!!)

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David mentioned that the island was built for his height, but it still looks like he's going to have to work to use anything he's demonstrating on it.