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Love and Beauty...

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Is anyone else as sick of hearing, "that's the beauty of it" and "love, love, love it?" I just can't.

"I never changed, I just learned."
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I'm sick of...I just can't.

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and what did u learn?

~~who/what is responsible for your joy? YOU!~~
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Sick of hearing lots of things.  

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Sick of hearing "this is a GAME CHANGER


Sick of hearing "just ONE piece in this 6 piece set is WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION


Stop it please. 

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"Only order of the year" UGGHHHHH!!!!!!
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One of many reasons why I don't watch anymore!!!!

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"The color blue is limited so I would put in my order before it is gone. There is no waitlist".


Pressure sales tactics.