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Lost package....No help.....Pass the buck

When I ordered the Vera Bradley mini organizer on the 13th of January I was sooo expecting to receive a adorable little organizer for my handbag in a few days.

As what seems to be the new trend in the Q's shipping practices, my item took with a charge card...until January 23rd to ship. In two days it was just outside my hometown ready for delivery the next day. January 25th came and order status....out for delivery.

Nada. The next day...same thing....out for delivery january 25th....

A quick call to CS I was told it showed it was out for delivery and would be delivered by end of night.

never happened.

Days passed, and I would call CS and would be told the same thing....UPS updated the site for delivery by that night. And every day I would tell the Q that I talked to my UPS man, and it was not there. CS told me that I would need to wait until the middle of February before they could do anything as it is out for delivery January 25th. They told me to call UPS and talk to them. I called and was told it was out for delivery....according to the log and if I didn't like it I can talk to a supervisor.....and then I was hung up on.

I called the Q back and was told their policies regarding this was to wait the necessary time frame before they would do anything. I told them that it would make more sense to see where it went before too much time passed.

I hit a brick wall. Every day that passed, UPS would update the status as out for delivery january 25th before end of day. And every day the Q refused to help.

February 3rd I had enough. I called the the same run around, pass the buck....was told to call UPS...which I did and they told me that the Q needed to contact them as it was lost....and they needed to put a tracer on it and only the Q could give them the necessary details. Two UPS cs folks later I was back on with the Q....told the CS agent what I was told and she told me point blank.....NO

She said UPS does not run QVCs policies and they will not issue a tracer until the set time they decided.

I told her that I waited long enough.....and I was totally out of the loop as far as this item was concerned as it was Never delivered to me.... it is between them and UPS. I told her I was calling my credit card and pulling back the payment.

And I did.

As of today....the status reads on the Q as well as UPS....out for delivery january 25th.... needs to invest in some GPS tracking as that guy is really LOST....

Maybe they can get one from the Q.....I am sure a Tomtom TSV is around the corner!