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Re: Lori Goldstein

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@bestday wrote:

I did not start a bashing of her. I expressed my opinion of the line. Afterall, it is a forum.



Oh no I realize did not say anything about HER...I didn't imply that you did!


I am just saying that starting a thread that downgrades a particular style is trashing IMHO.


Your opinions of the line are negative which will offend others.


As another poster said, why not write about the styles you do love.


Let's say I start a thread about QF.  It is not my style....and if I went off on the things I don't like about it....I would be insulting all the ladies that DO love it.


How can I start a negative thread about something and NOT call it trashing???


It has NOTHING to do w/ opposing opinions @Johnnyeager   You need to give it a rest.


She said she wasn't trashing and IMHO it kinda IS a trash, maybe not of Lori but it definitely is trashing other people's style choices.


So I guess, just be honest about it, LOL


Just start a thread that you don't like the fashions of Logo and not try to camouflage the post!

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Re: Lori Goldstein

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I think it should be okay for someone to express their opinion (good or bad) about a product w/o others taking offense.

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I do not understand the hype of the Logo brand.  I live in Los Angeles, Ca. and have yet to see anyone wearing her homely fashions here.  I do not want to appear to be a snob, however, her "fashion?" line would only be worn in the midwest, where they don't have too many choices.  Also, her prices of the pieces shown on QVC are overpriced!

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@bestday  I am absolutely shocked that she is still on q. I have never seen one person in my state wear any of her clothing. 

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Xcel Brands would not have purchased Lori's company several years ago were she not successful at QVC.   The purchase price was quite high.


Xcel has a long term agreement with QVC to continue presenting Lori's line and they receive a percentage of sales revenue.


And Lori herself is very handsomely compensated under an employment  agreement  by Xcel to be chief designer and spokesperson for the brand.


Xcel generates substantial revenue from the QVC agreement.  


The numbers do not lie.

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I think Lori has some beautiful prints, colors and patterns, which often tempt me.  I love her 230 Rayon which is similar to Liquid Knit in feel but is more substantial, less clingy and launders like a dream.


She also sells plenty of junk, stuff I feel sure would shrink or fall apart the first time in the washer.  As with any line, one must pick and choose carefully.

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I used to like this line. I even have a few pieces that I still really like but I agree that in recent times her pieces are garish and loud. I'm not sure if the quality is still there but the pieces I have that were purchased a few years ago still look new.
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For me - not seeing anyone wearing LOGO is a PLUS+++.  


I spent 12 years wearing school uniforms and when I graduated from high school I swore I would never again dress like anyone else.


My "look" has evolved over the years - and is flexible enough to add pieces from different designers and still maintain my signaturel style.



@webbgarner1 wrote:

@bestday  I am absolutely shocked that she is still on q. I have never seen one person in my state wear any of her clothing. 



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This is a discussion board people. Posters can post what they like or don't like. If you decide to take offense that's on you. @bestday Keep posting

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let me help you...




"line xyz is not my style, i prefer more classic styles"





"line xyz is junk and trashy, nobody i know or see would dress like this"



very easy to see the difference

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