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@xryretriever wrote:

I've been blown away on how nasty peoples replies are to some posts. If you don't like what is said then move on. We don't need to see these very nasty messages

If you can't bear reading the messages perhaps you should exit this thread.

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I like some of Lori's designs. I was almost tempted to buy the last tsv but I changed my mind. For those people who say the posts are nasty just find another thread that is more to your liking. Just like some people say if you dont like what you are seeing on TV change the channel.
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A forum is a place to express an opinion.  If someone doesn't like something, I feel they are free to say so.


If I were to say I didn't like something (or a line), it would not mean I meant anyone who DID like it was bad somehow.  I expect not everyone likes the same things.  Otherwise, there wouldn't be a CHOICE of many items.


We are different ages, sizes, and our eye differs in what we find attractive or unattractive.  Color preferences are the same, or some colors/styles do not or do flatter us.


I wish that the models wore their proper size, and that each item was shown ALONE at some point.  It is more helpful to the customer to make proper choices.  I don't blame the model - she wears what she is given.  Jackets SHOULD be able to be closed - unless the customer chooses to wear it otherwise.  I prefer the sleeves down as the item is created.  If the customer wants to push them up - fine, their choice.  I never do it, so I would like the garment shown as designed.  I just want the item presented as created.  What a customer does at home is their right.


We should all be free to express an opinion without being attacked for it.



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We are all entitled to our opinions. I don't care for Goldstein's designs. I don't watch her anymore.
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Yes Lori has some nice colors and a few nice prints BUT I just don't care for the style /look she offers.  I prefer more classic, neat clothing.  But kudos to those who like.  I can think of better ways to spend my money.  Her collection is very pricey for what it is IMO.

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I am afraid that if I wore a LOGO top people would think I am wearing a maternity top. At least on me I think it would look like that, and that's not a look I really want to have.

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Re: Lori Goldstein

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I have never purchased any of Lori Goldstein's fashions nothing really appeals to me, too much fabric with the layers, etc., when Amy Stran models Lori's clothing it looks great on her but not so great on Lori when she models her clothing line (last night's Logo Fashions) Lori said that she doesn't like to show her arms so she was wearing what looked like a sheer long sleeve top with a pattern that looked like she had tattoos on her arms underneath all those layers, not a very attractive look, JMO.