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Anybody else's orders taking very long to ship?  i have orders from 3/28 still not shipped. I'm curious if this is the new norm and what we should expect from orders now.

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When we place orders there's a banner at the top of the ordering page that indicates things are moving slower - orders out and returns in.

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These are extraordinary times, shipping is going to be delayed...perhaps even greatly delayed.  

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Long shipping time for a QVC package is the least of our problems.

I am surprised and thankful these people are even working.

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Mine seems to be shipping pretty fast although, two of the same product seem to be getting lost at the post office.  I ordered one and checked status still at the post office.  I called CS and they sent me another one and that one looks like it is stuck in a VA post office since 4/3.  I guess I'm not suppose to get it. Smiley Sad

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As always with QVC, I think it really depends on what you order and which vendor is processing and shipping it. All of my recent orders (including a couple of clothing items, which are notorious for long processing times) have been delivered within 7-8 days.

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I ordered 3 of the same items in stock on March 18th. I received one today. The other two are still in process. I'm sure they don't have a full workforce. It's to be expected right now. If I need anything right away I won't order from QVC. I'm not blaming them. I'm more worried about people getting the virus!

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Thought the new warehouse was promoted as being more efficient because of robotics, so wouldn’t that be a benefit during these times? I can understand delays with returns because humans have to handle that but not shipping with robotics. The computers controlling the robotics should be able to be accessed from home. Personally only experiencing delays with Q. Things normal for me at HSN and other places I shop (don’t shop Amazon).
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Shipping is taking awhile. And 2/4 items I did receive were wrong items. Customer service was excellent however!!
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Certainly wouldn't order anything you need quickly!


I placed a order online 3/20 with Carters, card charged and patiently waiting for delivery.  I had to call CS as I saw a error -- they had option to call back as wait was more than 5 minutes & woukdnt "lose" your call spot.  


OK no problem put my info & waited.  This was last Monday they called me last Wednesday😳 and the CS rep was in India.  Never have I called Carters and spoke to foreigner..they have "outsourced".


No problem took care of my double charged order but order still has not processed or shipped.  The delivery now says 30 day from today...


So how can one expect quick delivery in these uncertain times when priorities are medical supplies, medical equipment, food stores, etc. not a item ordered from QVC or any shopping channel!