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Ordered a Barbara King gardening item a week ago for a birthday gift. It hasn't shipped yet; doubt if it will be here on time now. I am guessing their business is up with everyone shopping from home now.

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The warehouse operations need to adapt to COVID-19 safe workplace requirements. In order for the warehouse associates to practice social distancing, they are likely working with few people on each shift and normal procedures are likely taking longer.

I’ll be patient if it means keeping others safe at work.
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QVC? Amazon is likkity split.

My suggestion is that QVC needs to become far more competitive with on-line shopping services (Amazon, e.g.) because they are not cutting the mustard.  It takes a couple of weeks to get the things I order from QVC.


I'm a Prime member (and yes, I pay the annual fee gladly for free and fast shipping) and can find almost everything that's on QVC on Amazon and have it sometimes the next day, but never more than a couple of days.


If I want to cancel, I can, much more easily.  I get points that often mean that I am paying little or nothing for something I buy.


I also shop and other on-line sites and all of them are much quicker and more convenient (and that is what the "C" is supposed to stand for).  Even eBay is quicker sometimes.


I have been a QVC shopper for at least 25 years (way back to Jeff and Kathy Levine) and have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in that time.  


But things are different now.  QVC is doomed if they don't step up and become more competitive.  I don't want to wait two weeks to get a TSV.  


Like a shark -- QVC, you gotta keep moving or you die.  The world is rolling along.  Get with it!