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I have had a quick question to ask on live chat and it has not worked for a couple of weeks. Is QVC getting did of that too?


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FYI..........there is no quick question on QVC's 'live chat'. They take forever to answer and half the time it doesn't work. No one answers or they cut you off and offer a survey. I've told them about this numerous times. Part of QVC's lack of IT professionals.

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I have used it twice in two weeks ... oh, it works, you just have to bring your lunch along to pass the time while you wait.

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i prefer the live chat via facebook messenger......very quick and efficient.


i have used the online chat via this website also though.

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Still cannot get through. After I fill out the question and hit send it goes to the page to rate your experience. Did these people get cut back on their hours too?

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Frequent lurker, new poster here.


I'm in the same boat as posters trying to chat and the chat goes to the survey after starting the chat.  


In my experience, it has been this way a couple weeks, the two-three times I've tried to chat.


Only once, the first, was I able to actually get someone to chat before the survey popped up.