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Loved Lisa always genuin unlike the other host, who always seem about themselves look at how skinny and in shape iam in. Lisa is a class act not phoney yes she was a sales person i get that , however her delivery was always personable and real. Miss you Lisa!

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I like her so much. She was so funny too. I remember she did a New Year's Eve thingy.....hysterically funny. She looked the same to me and not at all older. I wish Lisa all the best ahead!! Heart

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Glad to see you back, Lisa. Hope you are on longer next time!
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Wonder what happened to her on JTV? I watched her a couple times there. I have the flower ring from her on QVC years ago..

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I ❤️ Lisa Mason and look forward to seeing her more on QVC.


I only have one Diamonique piece.  Lisa's tennis bracelet is tempting me to try another.  😍


I also like the long necklace she wore in the above product video. Do you think that's something she'll be bringing to Q?  Hope so!