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Linda was the Liz Claiborne rep. I actually wore a Sports Savvy top to work today, so comfy and in great condition!!!

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@DREAMON wrote:

I always liked Linda and enjoyed her thorough, calm, pleasant, and professional presentations...she would make a great QVC Host. 


Imagine life as a Realtor is far more interesting and challenging than a QVC host! She would be bored to tears working at QVC full-time. Linda is ambitious, intelligent, great with people and enjoys the freedom of working independently.

Obviously, she is doing very, very well with her previous and current choices - and remains happy as well. She's a survivor - it teaches you to strive for the higher goals in life, rather than the monetary highs.                              

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I wonder if QVC ever approached her about being a host. She would be a great one. I can think of 2 or 3 I would trade for her in an instant!

 @wakefield64  I agree w/your whole statement!  But, I wonder if she would want to put up with the crazy schedules those hosts have.

@patriot3  You are right.. not sure where she lives either so may be impractical for her to commute to QVC.