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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

When Josie Maran is on, I change the channel.

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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

I don't care for her products. I have a close friend that does and has developed some issues. Whether or not they pertain to the products I have no idea. I'm hoping she receives a letter.
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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

@jlrbr wrote:
I'm curious because a lady called into the Q during Josie's show and praised Josie's products for helping her skin dramatically after I believe she said chemo and/or radiation. She went on in length about the products helping her. I wondered if anything she said prompted the letter/email.

There's a difference between a customer making a claim and a vendor making a claim.  Most often, when a call-in customer makes a claim that is more than what the product is claimed to do, the host will follow it with "We can't make specific medical claims about this product" or something similar.  

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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

I wonder what happened to the host claims "and you know this is true because NOTHING goes to air without QVC lawyers reviewing claims" LOL. That may be true, but it is hard to stop a babbling woman constantly rubbing tons of product onto herself. They can't stay ahead of her stories.


I don't think any particular caller prompted this. Callers can make claims, and then it is up to the host to instantly say "we cannot make any medical claims blah blah blah". As long as they debunk it quick enough the Q is safe.


Someone referred to Dennis and Tweak'd. His whole stroy has changed! His original Ojon story first to air was when he was married to the woman with the long beautiful hair . That story was that they found a little jar of this balm/oil in her grandmothers bathroom cabinet and they had it analyzed leading him to a canoe down a river to find the indiginous people.


NOW, the story had changed to everything he makes because of his mother needing chemo and how it ruined her hair. He had to make something to help her! I mean, bless her heart that she had breast cancer and went through chemo, but I find it so offensive that is his story now.


I actually like some of his products. What bothers me is that he is not a trained hair stylist, and the guy who stands to the side and just brushes and brushes the white haired woman's hair all show long has even LESS knowledge of hair.


Dennis makes a lot of claims, but he also puts up the clinical testing results on a screen, which is probably why he doesn't get in trouble.


I am not a total WEN person but I do like to listen to Chaz because he does a lot of teaching as he talks, and he is a true professional. He knows exactly what he can say and what he can't. Especially about the tea tree oil. He always says little bits and then says "Google it, you will see why tea tree helps so many". Chaz lives and breathes for his product and his line is expanding with the birth of Bella Spirit. He can only say so much on air, but if you watch his lives on Instagram he can speak more freely.


The letter might have been prompted by a viewer complaining she is making medical claims. Lawyers jump right on that at the Q for many reasons. Being sued would be number one Smiley Happy

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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

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@SandySparkles wrote:

I remember Adrienne with the Signature Club A line on HSN, selling Argan oil products long before Josie did here. That is not to say Josie did not sell Argan oil elsewhere before launching her line here, and could very well have been the originator.



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@SandySparkles   Argan oil has been made and sold for decades before Josie came along.  Josie just made it popular and markets it well.  I still get my pure, 100% organic, cold-pressed, only 1 ingredient argan oil online from Shea-Terra.  I've been using argan oil well before Josie came along, even well before I started watching QVC 15 years ago. 


Argan oil has been used for centuries in just the same way that Josie talks about it -- in other countries. 


Another thing to listen to -- when Josie says the NY Times calls it liquid gold.  Josie holds up her bottle when she says it, so it implies the NY Times was specifically talking about her product.  No, I read that article, and it was all pure argan oil that the NY Times calls liquid gold.  But of course, she never makes that distinction.


I do LOVE Josie's argan body butter though!

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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

@BalletBabe. I re dived an actual letter in yesterday’s mail.
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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

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I use a lot of her products... her milks for face and body, her serums, and I love her face butter.  I use them because they work well on my skin, not because she is making some ridiculous statements, which I see through immediately.  Sometimes she sounds so silly, which just makes me shake my head.  However,  I still like much of her line, so it's up to me to determine what works and what doesn't.  I know she's not selling any miracle product, but she is selling what my skin loves. 

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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

@yamma024 wrote:

I recieved one of those letters a couple of years ago.  I guess nothing changed, since they still allowed her to make those claims.  Time will tell if she continues to say those things, then the letter doesn't mean much.

@yamma024  - Since this happened a few years ago too, I'm surprised she continues to make false claims.  Seems like she would have known better. 

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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

Wonder how much it cost to mail out that statement. Makes me think the host may have gotten a memo saying she needed to offer a disclaimer while on air. I will say the Divine Drip works on dry skin. I use it in winter.

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Re: Letter From the Q Re Josie Maran claims

josie maran letter.jpg

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