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Rachel,please let Mally speak during her presentation.  You never stop talking and you know nothing about makeup!  Let the expert speak, please!

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i don't think she is here

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I didn't know Mally could not speak.  I've never heard her quiet.

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Re: Let Mally Speak!

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i agree Mally is not usually quiet but she is the representative that created the products being presented.  I'd like to hear how to properly apply the products. Rachel does not know how to apply but never stops talking.  The presentation gets loud and confusing as a result.

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If Mally would stop the arm swinging - and yelling - - I'd agree with OP

All I get out of her shows is loud - overdone - teeth flying..........That's not my kind of a professional presentation.

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I saw her do one makeup presentation and she had so much glitter eyeshadow on it was ridiculous.  

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they are both loud



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I can't imagine anyone out talking Mally, but if anyone could, it would be Rachel.  Always needs to be the center of attention.

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Rachel is out of control.  She has become unwatchable.   She never used to be like this.  

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Mally is like Kim Gravel not my type  of person I 'd want to be around.