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I personally don't like Leah's hair. There's just so much of it that it overwhelms her face. I guess as long as she likes it, that's all that matters.  

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@Love to Run wrote:

@Danky2 wrote:

@Love to Run wrote:

@January121 wrote:
Leah looks terrible lately ...her makeup & hair is a mess especially her hair .. it seems since the new female hosts started her hair changed .. next thing maybe she will have long braids down her back ??

@January121 And so what if she does? Stop policing Black women's hair.

NO ONE IS POLIICING BLACK WOMEN'S HAIR........we are commenting on a PERSONS hair like we do with Jen and Courtney, etc.......

@Danky2 The specific referemce to "long braids down her back" is a dog whistle for Black womens' hair style and I'm calling her on it. Period.

@Love to Run  I'll back you up on that Love to Run. That was my first thought when I read it, but you beat me to it. 

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I think it is too much hair. But if she likes it, that is all that matters.
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Perhaps we just refrain from commenting on others appearance and focus on their hosting skills or how they treat other humans.
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HORRIBLE!!! IF I Say anymore I will get this post deleted. 

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I guess it must be a wig or extensions.  I few weeks ago her hair was not that long.  I agree.  Too much for her pretty face.  

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@SeaMaiden    She does not always wear wigs.   That hair everyone is talking about is her hair.  She may wear a wig when Toni Brattain is on but that hair is hers