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Leah looked good as usual.  I really liked her hair, do you suppose that is all her own or was that extensions?  


Also her nail polish was a wow.  She always has great colors on her nails.

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She always looks stunning! She is one of my favorite host. I think her hair is all real since it’s always the same—-even over several years. She looks terrific.

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Agree! She is always stylish and classy, and her polish is always a color that I would choose.  She does her job well

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Re: Leah last nights show

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Leah is very professional and gracious.  Her nails are impeccable.  I do not believe, however, that is her real hair and I do not believe it is extensions.  I do think it is a wig but a very expensive one that has captured the correct color and texture of her hair. 

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It is her own hair. She is wearing it natural as opposed to being relaxed.
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I also think it's her hair.  I saw her put a drying towel on her hair multiple times, take it off and shake her hair out.  I would be surprised if you could do all that with a wig.  And agree, her hands and nails always look great.


Will miss her on Wednesday nights.  Otherwise, I only see her on Saturday mornings and often have things to do and can't watch.  

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Of course it is not her own hair.

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How do you know?  It is most definitely a wig, any hairdresser could tell in a new york minute


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I have to say Leah looks great these days....but i am not a fan of the wild hairdo...........wish she would alternate hairstyles..................

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Leah is one of best hosts the Q has!