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I just saw her on Q2. She has lost a lot of weight, changed her hairstyle and looks great in her skinny jeans.

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Re: Leah has lost weight

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Leah Williams always looks wonderful....with this woman's demeanor and graciousness, she always makes an impression!  She is one beautiful woman!

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Re: Leah has lost weight

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Wow! The peace love world lady! Started to give me a headache!! Leah, kept trying to get a word in. This is why no longer watch QVC live! Between screaming and irritating voices, makes it uncomfortable watching.


Leah, Definitely lost a lot of weight!! Good for her. She always presented herself well, stylish lovely lady. The weightloss adds to her heart health and self care.

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On the Saturday morning show she does David (Joan Rivers' rep) commented that she'd lost weight.  


She smiled and said (paraphrasing), "Thank you.  I've been working on it".  That's all she said.


Yes, I noticed it then.  I kept thinking that she looked different.  I adore her.  I've always said she should do more (especially jewelry shows).  She has a wonderful/beautiful smile but those hands, they are amazing!  They're so beautiful!  I love looking at her hands.


I DVR every Saturday morning show.  It's informative, fast moving and she makes it fun.


If some of you don't watch it, I suggest you look in every now and then.  Many of us here enjoy watching Leah and the 'gang' on Saturday morning.

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I don't know whether Leah has lost weight or is dressing more appropriately in slim pants and tunics that flatter her.  She's looked very nice recently.  I hope she's lost "the belted look" permanently.

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Leah is a big woman and she says she wears an xl, she can carry the weight and looks good no matter what size she is.

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Leah has lost weight, but I also think she is wearing more slimmer looking pants.  The camera people on her show tonight were very shady--switching cameras to models dancing, camera not on Leah and Brooke Shields, merchandise people bringing out clothes late, etc.  Leah is always very gracious but it gives the appearance that she is slipping in her hosting duties--which she is not.  I agree with one of the comments, Leah should host jewerly shows or the shows with only high end designers--the "love Tshirt lady" was rude and annoying.  Love Leah!!!

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Re: Leah has lost weight

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Leah is so gracious and classy.


She's always been beautiful.  She looks great.


My favorite host.


She'd be great at jewelry - her hands and nails are gorgeous.



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Leah has always been a very beautiful woman.  Yes, she has lost weight, she said as much on-air, and also replied to the many posts about her weight loss on her FB page.  Someone on FB even asked her if she had weight loss surgery.  Leah said, "No surgery,  just eating less fried foods and sweets."


She is now a size Large, after wearing 1X in some things, and XL in most others for a long time.  She mentioned her Peace Love World top yesterday was an XL, but she said, "full disclosure, it's too large and droops under my arms."  She said her correct size in it would be a Large.  So anyone ordering their own clothes after what Leah wears should take that into consideration if it'll help. 

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Re: Leah has lost weight

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To me, she is a stunner no matter what weight she is. 

I just love how she presents, how she speaks, the gracious way about her.

By far, my favorite host.  I only hope she knows how most of us here... think  that she is just fabulous !!!!  HeartHeartHeartHeart