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I just saw an ad on Q that they are pairing Leah and Shawn in a show on Tuesday night. In my opinion, these ladies are opposites. How do you think this will work?

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@chessylady  😬

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Poor Leah !

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I have no idea why.............

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Oil and Water.

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I think I know how it will go.  Leah will go to all the meetings, pay attention, meet with vendors, then on-air she will actually give good, informative, product information to help the customer make a decision to purchase or not.  Shawn will...well, Shawn will show up, put her glasses on, take her glasses off and entertain with her sparkling repartee.  

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Have no idea.  I don't watch Leah and Shawn is my fav, so I won't be watching cuz of Leah

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I am at a loss to understand why. Leah is a mature professional host with a great sense of style and I'm confident she will stay true to herself and not be drawn in to the foolishness, the other one, no comment.

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The Odd Couple?

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What these two ladies DO have in common is that they SELL, SELL, SELL. I enjoy Leah's shows as well as Shawn's.  I also enjoy Leah's calm personality, yet I enjoy Shawns zaniness! Viewers of both hosts will be tuned in and spending.This should be intersesting to watch....I'm all in !