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I watched the first show the other day but didn't care for the format where they switched between both hosts and the split screen.  I'd much prefer to just have one host presenting.  I rarely miss any show Leah hosts but not really a fan of Shawn but I will watch her show if I'm interested in the product; otherwise I usually skip her time.   The show format is what kind of turned me off though.  I only watched a few minutes, then changed the channel.  Not a real attention getter for me.  Sorry!  :-(

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Tonight is second time I'm watching  this show, and it doesn't work, it feels forced. I like how Shawn tries to keep it fun. She asks Leah questions to get to know her, and Leah answers them, while laughing of course, without ever asking Shawn what she likes. So one sided. I don't like that. I like Leah ok, but all she does is laugh too much, and doesn't really make the show fun. Anyone can do that. I don't think this Tuesday night show will last long. Good luck Shawn, you've got your work cut out for you.

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I know Leah is a sweet person and a good host, but I could use less laughing on her part and less forced giggling from Shawn.    I love to laugh but it shouldn't be forced and I feel like it is.  The intentions are good, but it needs to come naturally,  

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I think it's going OK. 

They actually gave me a Christmas feel, with the tree and Leah wrapping presents in those bags!


I want those bags!  I'm with Shawn, I hate traditional wrapping, and, I'm not good at it! 

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Whose idea was this.  Leah has enough trouble concentrating when hosting alone.  All she's done throughout the entire show is giggle.  

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Still not sure this is a good match. Hmmm...

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Really, really good job at bad entertainment.   If that was the goal,  they've succeeded. 

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Well they did this show, many of us saw it or bits of it. Turned out to be as bad as we thought it would be, maybe worse even.. There were many who shared opinions.


One host calm, good, played nice.


One did not, was her usual rude self, ignorant, played very badly.

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@lmtep wrote:

Whose idea was this.  Leah has enough trouble concentrating when hosting alone.  All she's done throughout the entire show is giggle.  

@lmtep ITA!  Leah gets easily distracted on her own.  I tried watching it once and ended up going to bed.

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Just a thought.....perhaps the Higher-Ups thought that Shawn might witness or learn from Leah.  Leah is dressed to perfection, professional, manicured and knowledgeable.  She seems so genuine and doesn't give us personal information that most don't care about, i.e., how she doesn't shower/bath for days?  The "ummmms" that Shawn interjects are unbearable, IMO.  Why can some hosts present without the "ummmmms" and some can't?