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Laura Geller, QVC, and the Youcam app

You probably noticed the other day that when Laura Geller makeup was being advertised on the QVC home page that QVC was also offering a link to the free Youcam mobile app to do a virtual try on of the makeup.


From Retail Dive:


I like the Youcam beauty app and it's one of the tools I use to photo edit facial photos. I also use Youcam when I'm color restoring old black and white or faded color family photos as you can use the foundation tool to colorize skin tone. 


Youcam has tools to try on various eyebrow shapes on  a face. I overplucked my brows in college and so I don't really care for some of those yearbook photos so I digitally restored them and replaced those overplucked brows with nicer looking ones and reprinted those photos. Who says you can't go back in time? Smiley Happy

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Re: Laura Geller, QVC, and the Youcam app

I think it is kinda neat!!