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Does anyone have the link to preorder the Lug TSV? Someone shared a screen shot of it in QVC talk, but when I type in the item number, it isn't the TSV price.  Thanks for any information.  Loving the Pink Camo

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Re: LUG TSV 5/23

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F12199 is what was in an e-mail sent to me, but apparently it is a link in the email not the item number that gets you to the right place.


I hope they don't delete this, after all, it came in an e-mail from them and I didn't request it!



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THANK YOU!!!!! Smiley Happy Got the Pink Camo! 

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@Mel31, look at the TSV under item F12279, the TSV is $79.96. It's the same bag, only cheaper. I have three Lugs in pink Camo and love them all!

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