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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB


You dont have to be so triggered as we are talking about an icon here. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez get flak because they love living an affluent lifestyle. You see Lisa Robertson and shes doing the same exact thing living an affluent lifestyle. She drives a Mercedes, has a huge home, has designers wanting to design for her. I mean  David Markstein who was a huge QVC gold buyer came to LRs biz as he has called her the smartest cookie hes ever worked. They would go to vicenza and pick the jewelry together on Q. Why knock a woman who is wealthy and wants to live this lifestyle

  Alas, Jonny, some cookies often crumble...

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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

@JONNYSBRO, all the claims you make of Lisa is how she USED to live. Those traits are not the real LR and YOU KNOW THAT! That life she lived and craved is what Q made her to be. As you know the Lisa we see today leads a completely different lifestyle because she is nothing with QVC. It’s been proven. She is struggling trying to make it on her own and that is why we don’t see her in designer labels anymore, nor hanging with celebrities, nor driving fancy vehicles.


In fact speaking of which, when Lisa had her “funeral” for her Mercedes (yes she really did, she posted a pic to prove it), she was in such mourning because she knows she could never afford a luxury vehicle again in this lifetime. I remember she made a huge deal about letting that vehicle go and since then she’s still yet to reveal what she ended up getting even when her tribe has begged her to reveal it. She wants the attention with all her posts but then goes silent on subjects when she doesn’t want anyone to know how she has to settle for just average things these days that just ordinary folks have. How the mighty have fallen. I can’t wait for the cruise. Between all the unfiltered pics the tribe will post of her and how she gets to hang with “regular” people for 7 days, it should be exactly what she’s looking forward to. Lol. But Lisa will do anything to garner business and if lowering herself is how it gets done, she’ll do it. 

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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

@JONNYSBRO: Could you post about other topics? You probably have a lot more that you can contribute here. This repeated LR stuff is getting old! 

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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

Jonnysbro, JB or Bro Jonny in da hood, you my dear child are like a broken record.   On and on and on some more.   You actually can't stand her and we pretty much know that.  You like to stir the stink pot hoping other will say what you don't have the back bone to say yourself.  You put the subject out on the table and hope you have some takers.  We actually like giving you a rebuttal on all your hog wash stories.    We only hope you aren't really serious because if so, that would or could indicate a very serious problem.    


I must ask you oh wise one!  How do you know she drives or drove a Mercedes.   I didn't see the emblem on the wheels of her wrecked laid to rest vehicle.   Are you pulling unfactual facts out of some crevice again?   A large house.  Really and you've considered it a mansion.   It is a normal house by today's standards.  I can take you in to any city any town and we can find lots of the same things and most lived in by working class  families. No marble floors, no $10k chandliers, nothing really tricked out to meet the defination of mansion.    Maybe take a look at the Beverly Hillbillies reruns.  That will give you an example of a mansion.  Just sayin and recommending.   


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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

I thought she had some kind of Lexus hybrid SUV thingy... She must've have settled for a Yugo or skateboard or shopping cart because she did not announce her new car and completely avoided the question when asked...

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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

IMHO, most "luxury" cars are no longer as much a "status symbol" as they once were.  It all depends how deeply in debt one is willing to go to drive a "fancy" car.  Having said that, I live in an ordinary neighborhood in a small townhouse development.  We have 2 or 3 Mercedes in the parking lot as well as a couple of other so-called "luxury" cars.  Again, a very ordinary townhouse development.  

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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

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I’m super grateful for this thread!  When I first saw the cute photo on Lisa’s FB I immediately thought for posting it here!! But it was too late as @JONNYSBRO had already started this thread!! So I didn’t need too!  BTW I really think it was just a joke / gag photo for Lisa. Nothing more than that!!! 




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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

@JONNYSBRO Mariah and JLo have legit affluent lifestyles. I see nothing wrong with materialism, but LR is not anywhere close to these two.Your lack of reality testing is disturbing.

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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

A lot of people are driving around luxury cars because they are leasing them.  They can't afford to purchase them.


I agree that when Lisa was working at was basically an illusion she was giving off to the viewers of a grand life style.  It seems once she left QVC you don't really see her posting all the wealthy vendors she use to hang out with.

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Re: LR takes a picture with the Rock on her FB

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