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Re: LORI GRIENER'S Crystal pens

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I have rarely bought her products.  For one, I felt scammed when I realized that she buys her patents but lets us think that she has invented her items.  She is even introduced as an inventor.  I purchased an item that was a Lock n Lock pastry/bread box that had a vacuum in it years andyears ago.  This item was awful because after six months it became a little eco-system of its own causing my breads to go moldy in 3 days flat (and smell), nothing could be done to rectify that.  I used it precisely as directed.  It was long after the 30 day money back guarantee so I had to toss it.


A couple of years later, lo and behold Grenier comes out with the SAME PRODUCT! Every single thing was exactly the same except LnL's name was not on the lid. I knew exactly what she was doing at that point.  Needless to say, the product did not last (I followed it, horrible reviews).....


Ok, she buys patents and then turns around and sells the item.  Nothing wrong with that. But to tell people (and Q supports this) that she has INVENTED the item and that the patents are hers (technically sure, buys the patents and they are now hers....)  It's the fudging of the truth that has soured me on Ms. Grenier.  JMHO 





I'm not sure I get your point on this patent thing. You have to buy a patent and acquire it through a patent attorney and make it legal and binding. Did you think you get them for free? And from whom?



The point is this..... INVENTORS sit down and design an item from start to finish.  It is their brainchild.  AFTER THAT OCCURS, the inventor goes to the patent office and makes it legal and binding and pays the appropriate fees.


Ms. Grenier is constantly being referred to as "the inventor" of such and such.  No, she is not the inventor.  Someone else invented it and SHE merely paid the inventor (or the company that acquired the patents from the inventor) for the patent.  


Buying a patent is easy and obviously can be done all the time if you have the money and the desire to do so..... and then the new owner of the patent can then bring the item to market.  But buying a patent that's already an idea that has been invented and patented by someone else and actually being the inventor are two separate things!


This is far and away from being the person that actually thought up the design and put it on paper initially and filed for the Patents.   Ms. Grenier is NOT the inventor of said items and I would be shocked to find out that she actually has invented something.  But she is a great proliferator of patents!








Thank you for the follow up. Blessings.

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Re: LORI GRIENER'S Crystal pens

They have crystal pens on HSN.  You might want to look at those.  EnjoySmiley Happy