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What hosts were let go?? Anyone know? It was just announced that there where layoffs
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Where was it announced?  On air?

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Qurate Investor Relations Press Release:


After careful consideration, we have made the very difficult decision to eliminate a number of roles within our Qurate Retail Group team, impacting our QVC US and HSN teams, and our corporate shared services teams in the U.S. Today will be the last day worked for most of these team members, although a small number will transition over time. Today’s impacts affect approximately 400 of our team members across these groups. These decisions are not easy but are necessary in realigning how we manage the business and heighten focus on critical priorities.

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@qvc chick wrote:
What hosts were let go??

@qvc chick  Scroll down to the bottom of this page.  Click on the "Meet Our Host" link.

If there are any missing photos, your question is answered. Smiley Very Happy

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Maybe it just involves the warehouse employees??

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Wow.  Must be affecting everyone, not just those laid off.  Sad to see friends and co-workers go.  Grateful it's not you, but maybe it WILL be you.  

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400 people would probably impact most departments from buyers, accounting, building maintenance, production team members, etc. I hope those impacted will find new opportunities quickly.

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Qurate releases their 4th Qtr. 2022 financial results tomorrow.  So this layoff news is not at all surprising.  


I feel for alll those involved; hope they land on their feet very soon. 

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@qvc chick wrote:
What hosts were let go?? Anyone know? It was just announced that there where layoffs


@qvc chick  from what @Exec Mr Wilkes  Posted it did not mention anything about the Hosts. 


Usually if a Host is being laid off, you would most likely hear it from them.

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Qurate has 27,000 employees.  There's like 35 hosts.  I think they're safe.


It was likely admin employees that has overlap between the brands.  Accounting, IT, HR, those kinds of departments take hits first.