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Mary D covering for Shawn over the last couple nights was great.  She's fun, not full of herself, good voice, very informed, real and OMG how may hours did they schedule her?  she must have had no voice by the time she got home.  Loved her, more Mary D please!

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I always enjoy Mary, mostly for her wicked sense of humor.  She a good host, gives complete information and is respectful of guests.

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She did a great job, covering all essential information, while still being entertaining to watch. 

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@baglady9 Mary has been a refreshing change of pace for sure!

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@baglady9 Totally agree, Mary D covering for Shawn or honestly covering for any of the hosts is great - she's fun, prepared & does a good job.

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Totally agree with what you all said.  She's one of the FEW good ones they have. 

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@Kachina624   I totally agree on all your points especially her wicked sense of humor.  She's smart as a whip too

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I also noticed how the vendors enjoyed her. She was very refreshing and I really was entertained in a good way. I hope they put her on the schedule more in the future.

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I really like Mary too.  In fact, there is nothing that I don't like about her.  I hope she continues to be on more clothing shows.

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I agree with all, Mary is an enjoyable host, professional and knowledgeable .There are only a handful of hosts I watch, Mary is one, refreshing.