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Doesanyone have any ideas why she has been out so long  I really think somethings wrong

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Nothing is wrong. 

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she posted two days ago on her qvc fb page about a cross that will be for sale in march.

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Funny this would pop up right now!  I was just wondering the same thing.  Has she been on vacation?  I do like her very much and hope all is well with her.  Looking forward to her return.

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She has?  

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I haven't noticed her absence.  Nevertheless, I can't tell you when she was last on-air. I hope she's alright.

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She posted this 3 days ago on Instagram:



  •  I’m fine! Just taking some time off. I’ll be back soon 💜
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She's on vacation.  She was heavy in rotation in Nov and Dec.  Time for a break.