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What is wrong with Kim's right lower lip today. Scared me, thought she was having a stroke.

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@chelzey   Kim has Bell's palsy since shortly after Christmas, she has several podcasts discussing her journey with it

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been discussed by Kim. search the forum 

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I didn't see that and it scared me. I had a mild stroke before Christmas and my face a lips sagged on one side. I was worried about her.
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I figured Bell's Palsey.

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What's her motto, "love the way you are," or something like that?  She is backing her words with actions.  Proud of you, Kim.  One doesn't have to be defensive for being concerned about her.

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I agree 💯.....I too feel proud 👏 of her!!!!

I really like her inspirational words...
As a woman...we can be judged harshly by others....I have taught my daughter are your own unique beauty inside and out , ❤️